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From the recording Reach for the Sky

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I Want To Believe

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Verse 1
In this day and age we’re living, where truth is like a stranger,
and loves eyes are too seldom seen,
I try to reach beyond the shadows
cast from the last lovers dance, that’s left it’s scare on me.

I want to believe, I want to believe
But how far can loves eyes really see,
How strong do two hearts have to be,
With a little patience I believe we’ll find some unity, but how strong do two hearts have to be

Verse 2
You know my soul is fragile, and something I defend
Now these walls I have built up are crumbling through my hands,
And through the stillness of the hour, beneath the bare moonlight,
I lay and watch you sleeping next to me.

Repeat Chorus


I know we’ve had our heartache, through sorrow and of pain
Now you’ve lost your faith in me along the way,
You want to find that place where your soul can dance again,
With open arms, you say you want to believe
You want to believe in you, and you want to believe in me
But how strong do two hearts have to be.