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Be That Kind of Love (feat. Marq DeSouza)

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So here you are at my door, feeling like a love I've known before
telling me you've come in to claim, All my scars and fears
from inside the lost years , I left behind
You're asking me to take a chance, Beyond the place where demons dance, Alone with you

But will you be there if I fall?, Will you catch me on the way?
Will you stay long enough, To hold me through it all?
Yeah,will this be that kind of love, Will this be that kind of love
Will this be that kind of, be that kind of love?
‘Cause I need to know baby, will you be that kind of love?

If I give it all to you, And take these curves real slow
Will you take my hand?, Can you understand?, I’ve never let anyone this close
But you touch me from inside, Make me hunger for the unknown
Just tell me you can make it real, ‘Cause baby that’s just the way I feel, Alone with you

Repeat Chorus

You take me places, I never thought I'd go
You steal all my defenses, And all of my control
But you know, I’m willing to go
I'm willing to go, I’m willing to go

Repeat Chorus

Be That Kind of love, Be That Kind of love,
Will you be that kind of love