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  1. Gratitude

From the recording Imagination

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Gratitude is a song about being thankful for the small moments and things in our lives.


Verse 1
Have you ever felt a snowflake caress upon your tongue
Have you ever lived a moment that’s destined to become
Have you ever seen a rainbow where it touches the ground
Have you ever held a seashell and heard the oceans sound

I am grateful for these moments that touch upon my life
‘cause it is for all the small things that bless me through tough times
I am grateful for the moments that are seldom really seen
I am grateful for what life has given me

Verse 2
Have you ever felt wanted to someone you admire
Have you ever had a thought explode that filled you with desire
Have you ever lost your breath from a kiss of one you love
Have you ever watched the setting of the first summer’s sun

Repeat Chorus

Often it’s the small things
That are the big things
That have the most impact on our lives
If we keep our minds open
And our hearts truly free
Gratitude is what we’ll receive
I will never take for granted
These blessings that come my way
For life is all about living for today

Repeat Chorus (2x)