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  1. Imagination

From the recording Imagination

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Imagination is a song about dreams and aspirations.


Verse 1
Clouds of blue in rainbow skies, casting colored shadows in kaleidoscope surprise,
Lucy was the vision that made John have to write the words, and it opened up his eyes

Verse 2
A little girl by every means, slept a fantasy beyond a simple dream,
Alice was here name, in a wonderland that made her queen, and it opened up her eyes

When upon my life I find myself in trouble, I’ll just sit and close my eyes
And suddenly I’m someone somewhere else.

Imagination, Imagination
Where is it written I must put all my toys away

Verse 3
Remember the dragon by the sea, and the little boy who lived in Honah Lee,
Jackie was that child who no longer plays on Cherry Lane, did it open up his eyes

Sometimes we lose track of the things we love the most,
So lay back and close your eyes and magically you’re someone somewhere else.

Imagination, Imagination,
Who’s the one that said grown-ups must put childish dreams away

Remember when we were young and our problems were small,
With our imagination we could do it all,
Where would we be without the one’s who held those dreams,
We wouldn’t be where we are now


Imagination, Imagination
Imagination can form a world strong,
And losing it is where we’ll go wrong.