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  1. NoWhere To Run

From the recording Imagination

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NoWhere To Run is a song about infidelity.


Verse 1
Think it’s time you let me in,
No more secrets now, games in final play
You’ve been playing with my head,
But now if you’re through I’ve got words for you…Oooh

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
From this/these feeling(s) that I have inside
Nowhere to run so why must I,
Go on with this charade like all is fine

Verse 2
You say it’s love, while backing off,
You say you need more space, how much is enough
Late coming home, early to rise,
I never see you anymore you must think I’m blind
So tell me if I’m right or wrong,
Don’t tease me with promises of love…Oooh

Repeat Chorus

Late phone calls with no one on the other end
You say we’re lovers;
But it feels like we aren’t even friends
Well this game’s gone on too long,
Something’s wrong, something’s wrong


Repeat Chorus (2X)