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From the recording Reach for the Sky

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Reach for the Sky is a song about adversity and finding your inner strength to overcome those difficulties.


Verse 1
Always searching for that golden gate,
Reaching out but it’s not there
Catch a glimpse but then it dissipates,
And vanishes into thin air

Verse 2
Walking a thin line on the edge of a blade,
One wrong move could do me in,
Ever destroying all there’s left to save
Then a voice came to me and said I’ll have to carry on,
For I’ve only just begun this path
And the journey will be long

So keep your hopes on high for your time has arrived,
Keep those rainbows full of tears of joy to cry,
Leave the past behind it’s your turn now to fly,
Spread your wings and reach for the sky

Verse 3
At times I’ve lost my way from the place where I now stand
How could I have drifted off, going back, to the hell where it all began
But then I remind myself that everything is good
No longer am I falling down or stumbling, for now I’m standing where I should

Repeat Chorus

If you often feel as I do, that there’s more in you to prove,
Then let your power soar above it all
‘Cause wicked are the ways, Tempted by the pain
But we can rise above and carry on after the fall