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From the recording Reach for the Sky

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Always be the Same is a song about fear of failure in starting a new relationship after having your heart broken.


Verse 1
Seems like we’ve been here before telling ourselves it won’t last forever,
Riding on this merry-go-round but alway ending up in each other’s arms

Verse 2
Why do we try and sabotage the best thing to come into our lives
Why can’t we try and sacrifice rather than trying to pretend

We have the strength to find our way,
The courage to face another day,
We have the means to fulfill all our dreams,
So the path we take can always be the same

Verse 3
When I look into your eyes I feel we have a chance to make things right,
We’ll have our ups and downs, but even the highest mountains can be climbed

Can we try to satisfy our need to love each other,
Stay right in the here and now, embrace the comfort of each other,
We have to just let go our feelings of abandonment,
Look inside with open eyes to what’s really in our hearts

Verse 4
Why do we hide the suffering of the shadows of our past,
Why can’t we try and realize that our love is here to last