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From the recording 6.1.4

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City on Fire is a song about civil unrest and upheaval due to social injustice and prejudice.happening today.


Verse 1

We were young and so full of life, Every moment was ours
Not a trace of hate in our hearts, a child can’t read the hours
Of racial hatred and prejudice, that he could earn through the years
As I look back I can’t believe, and lord I’ve never dreamed
That one day I’d see a City on Fire

Verse 2

I remember the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King
It was so hard to understand, why some people can destroy a dream
When I got older I went to war, began to see the light
Now a modern day civil war, nobody wins this fight
I see the sparks at night, the City’s on Fire


When we are children, Life seems a joke
But as we grow older, we fear the sight of our dreams and it all goes up in the smoke

Verse 3

The events that came to pass, in April ’ 92
All resulting from bad judgement, it all reflects on me and you
Among judges there are no saints, these aren’t the words of a lier
Don’t want my children to live, in a City on Fire