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From the recording 6.1.4

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Darkness from the Light is a song that dives into the world of depression, but hopefully leaves one with the feeling that there is hope and a way out, for “in the end is where you begin”.


Verse 1
Lost in the darkness, not knowing up from down,
And which way to turn, in an ocean where I could drown
There’s got to be a way, in finding the truth myself,
Take away the pains, and place them upon a shelf

For something more… for something more

Verse 2
Hiding within myself, letting no one in,
One foot in the grave, my finger is on the pin
Got to be more than this or time will make me gasp,
I’m reaching for something, take me out of this deadly grasp,

Give me something more…

Give me some kind of sign, something that’s more defined,
A reason for me to find,
the path to take me home,
I have no where to turn, and no place left to return,
I can now not discern the darkness from the light

I am lost… I am found

Verse 3
Lost to the darkness, moving towards the light,
Bound to a prison, that’s much to hard to escape,
I’ve got to find a way, search for a truth inside,
Expose all the pain, to where I cannot hide

For something more… For it’s in the end where you begin