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From the recording 6.1.4

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Upon the Kingdom is a song about the greed, corruption and deceit of the government’s and corporations around the globe.


Verse 1
What have it thee ‘ol world of knowledge to break us at your will
To rectify our life’s existence through shallow halls lain still
Converting up our worldly structure, breaking down our mass
Setting for the days of thunder when men and nature clash

Day breaks, Time Shake, horror fills the air
Fire flows to electric blows, as men shake their fists in dare.

Verse 2
Silenced ceased, abound increased, in radiance glow’n so fair,
To walk the streets and never meet another human lair
Within’, without, to turn about and head in another way,
To seek a time where men aren’t blind and life eternal last.

Upon the kingdom, war is the field
And no one hear gets out alive
Upon the kingdom, the hourglass is running dry
Our time here is just a blink of an eye

Hatred, greed and jealousy, are gains that we employ
Instead of planting seeds of love, we control and then destroy

Verse 3
It’s so confusing to look about and see of all that’s here,
And wonder what it might have been if our ancestors had picked the pear.